Friday, July 30, 2010

Ronan Makes Me Smile

Sometime soon I'll have to do a post titled, "Ronan Spikes My Blood Pressure... Again" as he has officially entered the dreaded "terrible twos", but for now I thought I'd share something that puts a big smile on my face every time I see it.

Apologies for the bouncy video... it's hard to hold a phone still, pointed backwards, while riding!

Ronan and I often get around via bicycle, with me pedaling and him riding in a trailer. When in the trailer Ronan likes to watch for large trucks, play with his model cars, read board books, and, on occasion, make his pinwheel spin. It's the pinwheel spinning that is most endearing- he puts it up into the wind and firmly holds it there, usually until it spins so fast that it gets stuck. Sometimes he watches it spin, but mostly he just holds it fast and gets back to searching for interesting vehicles on the road.

He seems to understand that it's the relative wind-speed that makes the pinwheel spin, as evidenced by his command for, "faster" when we are riding. Soon we'll discuss how to get the ideal angle of attack to optimize rotational speed.


Todd said...

man, that is awesome!

CalBadger said...

Dare I ask who was shooting the video while you were peddling down the street at a million miles an hour--in traffic?! And Ronan ain't no fool,,,let Dad work his buns off while I (Ronan) enjoy the fresh air and all my toys. Sounds good to me! You go Ronan!!!

Holly Teetzel said...

Ronan makes me smile, too :-) He's sooo cute holding that pinwheel. And how many kids have a dad who will explain relative wind speed and angle of attack? I prefer using the word "magic" to explain things! I'll tell ya, the only thing that would approach the fun of riding a scooter is being transported in that trailer yelling FASTER to my son! ha ha You're pretty handy with the multitasking (riding, filming, not crashing...) Kudos.

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

impressive! meanwhile, todd is not allowed to do anything more than ride his bike. haha...sorry boy i couldn't resist!