Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shreddin' It

Taking it nice and easy in the beginning

Burgess Park is a great place to take children- there are large soccer fields, a baseball diamond, an excellent swimming pool, a picnic area, tennis courts, and indoor facilities for basketball/volleyball/badminton. Of course, what Ronan loves most is the 15k square foot all-concrete skate park.

The skate park is not just for skateboards (apparently... the rules say otherwise)- when we were there the next youngest kids (age 9) were blasting around on Razor scooters. Ronan took his push bike and the kids came over to check it out... a toddler on a pedal-less bike with cartoon dinosaurs on his helmet was apparently intriguing.

Mr. Potato Head showing solid form while ramp riding

The kids were great- they barraged Ronan with questions, and, when his answers were slow in coming, they asked me how old he was. Upon learning that Ronan was a good year or two younger than their own youngest siblings, and watching Ronan ride some of the 'street' ramps, they seemed mildly impressed. It probably helped that Ronan was obviously infatuated with their riding ability. The kids spent a good ten minutes showboating their scooting skills, popping in and out of the concrete bowls right in front of Ronan.

Soon bored with the 'street park' portion, Ronan looks to the bowls to get in some serious riding

This, of course, made Ronan want to do what they were doing. Unfortunately for him, I was not ready to watch him face plant down a six foot high concrete ramp... even the ever-wise scooter kids kept shouting, "No! He can't do that!" So we struck a compromise- I helped him down into the multilevel bowl and he the rode the various levels as he pleased.

Now riding the bowls Ronan performs a short drop in...

There was one level to level transition that required a bone fide 'drop in'; Ronan managed this with ease on his bike while I skidded and fell trying to keep up with him. Getting out of the bowl was a bit of a problem- it required quite a bit of pushing from me (it was far too steep for Ronan to walk up) and of course, as soon as he was out (with me still stuck back in it), Ronan would turn around and ride back in.

Solid turning technique on the wall... too bad he's not really paying attention to where he is going

Thankfully we finished the session with no blood, no missing teeth, no ripped clothing, and no tears (other than those shed when I told Ronan it was time to go). Fun as it was, I'm not sure how I feel about fostering a love for something that will lead to multiple trips to the ER. That said, I admit riding ramps was awesome when I was a kid and looks just as fun (although more terrifying) now. I can likely deal with the medical emergencies (besides, that's Mom's job)... it's the grunge skate style and ridiculous energy drink swilling that gives me reservations. As long as Ronan keeps wearing helmets decorated with cartoon dinosaurs and having only water in his sippy-cup, I suppose he has my endorsement.


Holly Teetzel said...

AWESOME!! Ronan, you da man!! I'm impressed - how many kids in diapers (or almost out of diapers) can pop those concrete bowls on a pedal-less bike??? Like it or not, dad, you may just be raising an olympic skateboarder. Get used to grunge :-)

Melissa said...

ya bad ass ronan! love it! especially the potato head t-shirt.

MumCeo said...

OMG Tommy would LOVE that place! Wish we had more like that around here! It's too cute...I totally get the panic part as well...Go Ronan! We'll make sure to bring our skateboard next visit...Ronan can show Tommy the place! =) love and hugs to all!

Noreen said...

Burgess Park... my home away from home. Glad Ronan had a blast!