Monday, July 5, 2010

Windy Beach Day

Even blinding amounts of sand blown into his eyes could not keep Ronan from enjoying the beach

We decided to spend Sunday morning at the beach; both Nieve and Ronan were accommodating and eager to get out the door right after breakfast. The early departure saved us from the traffic and crowds that flocked to the beach around noon but it meant our time at the beach was spent in chilly and exceedingly windy conditions.

Building sandcastles... Ronan of course likes to use the machinery to do the heavy lifting

Ronan did not seem to care- he loved playing in the sand, chasing the waves, and exploring the various terrain that Pescadero Beach offers.

Exploring some of the boulders left exposed by the low tide

Nieve, on the other hand, was nonplussed by the crisp, relentless breeze. She made her displeasure known by complaining loudly to Mom as soon as the car door opened. Lots of swaddling and wind protection later, Nieve and Mom ventured out of the car to the shelter of our wind break.

Me and Nieve napping on the floor after we arrived home... we were both that spent from the morning

Hopefully the next time we head to the coast the weather will be more to Nieve's liking!


Todd said...

Hmmm, how early is too early to start Ronan surfing? Maybe I'll start looking for a 4 foot kids longboard. Fun post, looks like a great time.

Holly Teetzel said...

Looks more like a COLD time to me!! I'm with Rachel and Nieve - bundled up in the car :-) Love it that she was the one sleeping with dad - not the energizer bunny, Ronan!

MumCeo said...

great photos! love the beach in any kind of weather.....i miss the CA beaches!! nothing like it! Thanks for sharing...we check the photos often! love and hugs to all!