Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adventures with Nana & Uncle Todd

Is it worse to be born into nutty or to marry into nutty? A lesson for the singles... choose your in-laws carefully

Last week Nana and Uncle Todd came up to visit Ronan and Nieve; we had some fun days together exploring the local (kid friendly) scene.

Nieve gives Uncle T a smirk

This is what nanas and their grandsons do

We wanted to do something outdoors and Ronan asked to go to one of his favorite spots to hike- Arastradero Preserve and the adjacent Portola Pastures. We found tractors, raptors, and of course all kinds of horses- draft horses, thoroughbreds, a burro, and even a very small horse ("little tiny horse" as Ronan would say).

Eyes on the trail as horse poop is everywhere

Petting a 'little tiny horse'

Petting a 'beeeguh horse'

The next day we decided to get some urban flair so we headed up to San Francisco where we visited the playground at Golden Gate Park, checked out the progress being made on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge, doddled around the De Young Museum/Academy of Arts & Sciences, and did a quick stroll through Crissy Fields and portions of Fort Point.

Ronan getting 'inverted' while Nana pushed him on the swing

Rocky BalRonan... chasing the birds

Loving the concrete slide @ GG Park

The days together were great- Mom and I had a lot of fun, the kids loved it, and I suspect Nana and Uncle T enjoyed it enough to come back in the next, oh, five years or so. Thanks for coming up, we had a blast!

Uncle T capturing SF under the fog


Holly Teetzel said...

Adventures a plenty - and lots of fun. Great seeing & being with the little ones - and the "beeguh" ones, too. Tks Mom and Dad, for hosting us :-)

Todd said...

I love the shot of ronan on the swing. nice perspective!

Holly Teetzel said...

I think the action shot of Ronan chasing the pigeon is really cool.