Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caltrain to the Burgess Park Pool

Taking in the sights on the train, ticket in hand

Ronan loves trains, and he loves playing in the water, so we thought a fun outing would be to ride Caltrain north a couple of stops to swim at the Burgess Park Pool in Menlo Park. Ronan knows the place well as he often rides his bike at the Skate Park and Mom's cousin Noreen (who is a proud new mom of a fantastic little Finn) is the Director of Recreation for the West Menlo Park system.

Checking things out in the loading area

He loved it. Everything about Caltrain, buying the ticket, walking down the underpass to get to the Northbound tracks, waiting with anticipation behind the yellow line, clutching his ticket in case the conductor asks his for proof of fare, to exiting the train, Ronan took in attentively. He just wished that the ride was longer.

Watching longingly as Caltrain departs after his ride

At the pool Ronan reveled in jumping in and making as large a splash as possible. He would do a little bit of kicking and on occasion I could get this to try floating, but really all he wanted to do was jump in, get his head wet, and do it all over again.

Ronan's takeoff...

... and the post plunge smile!

Trains and pools- a great combo to make a little boy's morning fun!


CalBadger said...

Ah, the joy of being young with a Daddy who knows how to have fun. It's a beautiful thing!

Holly Teetzel said...

Ronan, your delight in jumping into pools reminds me a lot of your father's same delight - although,even though he hadn't learned to swim, he didn't care if anyone was in there to catch him!
Love the first shot of Ronan in the Priority Seating bench :-)

Melissa said...

you think of the most creative outings!

Noreen said...

I love this! Can't wait for the day when he and Finn (and of course Nieve too) can swim together! I told Finn that he has two more months and then mom's takin' him in! We'll have three little fish...we may as well just take over Burgess pool!