Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ronan Rolls a Tandem, Nieve Charms Alysia

Nieve practicing the power of her grin on Auntie Alyshia

Last weekend Ronan and Nieve had a treat- Uncle Mikey, Auntie Alyshia, and Bhavesh Kaka came down for some food, and to help sample some Ribera del Duero wines in a 'taste off' for Jason & Gina's upcoming wedding.

Testing out the stoker seat on a tandem

While we didn't reach a decision on the wine, we did have a great afternoon together. It's always a blast hanging out with old friends and it's even more touching to see your children enjoy it too.

Sure, he's not able to reach the pedals, but at least he's getting the knack of the hanging-on part

Thanks to all three for a great time together!


CalBadger said...

Good job Ronan!!!

Holly Teetzel said...

If only I'd had a tandem when you were little, dad - you wouldn't have had to wrap your arms and legs around me like a monkey. Looks like Ronan sports the true cycling skills. Way to go Ro!