Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ronan's First Visit to the Dentist

Sleepy Ronan in the dentist's chair... there was a television in the ceiling that was playing Ratatouille (Ronan's choice, of course)

Ronan, who barely woke up in time to wave to the recycling truck driver, had his fist dentist appointment this morning. Any new space is always a bit disconcerting for Ronan, but his toy school bus and Kawasaki made the visit easy.

The dentist said that Ronan's teeth look great. Ronan's last two 'baby' molars are pushing through right now, there are no signs of cavities, and the alignment and large spacing between his upper teeth are all good signs for keeping orthodontic costs to a minimum. Ronan also did great with the scraping (not much was needed), polishing, and flossing, though he was a bit wary at first. When the appointment was over Ronan was able to choose a toy to take with him... and of course he grabbed a monster truck as his prize for cooperative behavior.

Today is also Ronan's first day in 'young preschool', meaning a new classroom, two new teachers, and double the number of friends. Drop off went great- he found a friend's train (Harvey, from Thomas the Tank Engine fame) and gave it back without protest (I was amazed). When I left he was snacking happily on fresh wholewheat bread and home-made apricot/agave jam. I'm hoping the rest of his day goes smoothly!


Holly Teetzel said...

What a lot of "firsts" today for Ronan. Sounds like he handled the DDS & new class like a trooper. He does look a bit sedated in the dental chair... do they give kids a whiff of glue at the dentist's these days? I sure wish I could be that relaxed when I recline in the dental chair!

Jenna said...

He is a nice and cooperative boy, but looks pretty exhausted on the dental chair. Well, he did get a nice prize for cooperating: an awesome monster truck! It seems like having a tooth pulled by a dentist was a piece of cake for him!

Jenna Schrock

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