Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Soothing Aides

A small but desirable prize

Last night Ronan threw away his pacifier. It was entirely of his own prompting; right before his bath he dangled the pacifier over the trashcan and looked at us with a nervous smile. Mom and I did not know what to do; we asked repeatedly, "Are you sure?" and informed him, "If you throw it away, you will not see it again."

After a minute of standing there and acknowledging our comments, he plopped the pacifier in the trash, jumped in the tub, and said, "I want my present." Mom had told him that when he decided it was time to get rid of the pacifier he would get a gift.

My co-worker called it bribery. I prefer "incentive-based parenting". Either way, it's been 15 hours without the pacifier and Ronan's doing great. In fact, he seems whine less without it. It looks like our little boy is growing up.

Nieve and her new-found soothing aid

Coincidentally, this morning when we awoke, we found Nieve, asleep and happy, with her thumb firmly planted inside of her mouth. Getting rid of her soothing prop is going to be a bit trickier than it was with Ronan.

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Holly Teetzel said...

Our society frowns on human dismemberment, so you may have to come up with some more formidable incentive-based parenting when trying to rid Nieve of her built-in pacifier. That or rest knowing you have the unique distinction of having the first child in our family who sucks his/her thumb!!