Monday, August 23, 2010

Yosemite from Ronan's POV

Goofing around with Nieve on vacation

What made a trip to Yosemite memorable for Ronan? Here is Ronan's list, in more-or-less chronological order:

1. Playing in the Merced River until he was almost suffering from hypothermia
2. Watching Ratatouille (at least a good 50 minutes of it). Ronan went straight from almost freezing from playing in the river to a fever of 102.5 F- we thought the Pixar film was just the thing to make him feel better.
3. Finding a scorpion in the sink

A not-so-friendly looking resident of our kitchen

4. Riding the shuttle buses at the valley floor

A happy boy on a bus ride

5. Getting a 'lucky bag' while visiting Lower Yosemite Falls as a gift from a Korean tourist

The "lucky bag" in front of Lower Yosemite Falls

6. Watching a bobcat with a squirrel in it's mouth leasierly cross in front of us on path from Lower Yosemite Falls

A bobcat with it's lunch

7. Checking out heavy machinery, from a snow-cat to a very large excavator, all found on the side of the road

Mimicking Einstein on a snow cat's track

Eagerly exploring an excavator

8. Sharing fun moments with friends, both old and new at the Tunnel View turn out

The crew, minus one Uncle S @ the Tunnel View, just after sunset

9. Looking up at El Capitan and telling us, "Stop the car. I want to climb it."

Climb it? I'd normally say sarcastically, "Good luck", but with Ronan he would probably give it a try

And many warm thanks to our kind friends for sharing their vacation with us, and being patient with the constraints that come with having young ones in tow!


CalBadger said...

What a list, Ronan! Yosemite must be quite the place for heavy equipment at the side of the road to have slipped so far down your list. Of course, Yosemite is my favorite place too. How lucky you were to see the bobcat--and scorpion, I bet Mom loved that! And great photos Erik--put an album on Picasa maybe?! Don't feel any pressure... There's nothing better than a great vacation with good friends, good weather, and the most beautiful place on the planet!~

Todd said...

next yosemite post i want to see ronan on the nose of el cap free soloing it. better invest in a telephoto!

Holly Teetzel said...

Despite the fever, Ronan seems to have made the most (and then some) of his first Yosemite trip. Great pix, E., but where's the bear????
Tell Ronan Nana says NO to climbing El Cap! Ride the shuttle instead :-)

Erik said...

I'll let Ronan know that we have conflicting advice regarding climbing El Cap. And no photo of the bear as 1. Ronan was blissfully napping and thus not something he was a privy to and 2. The pictures are pretty uninteresting/bad.

Holly Teetzel said...

Perhaps camera shake? I know I wouldn't have a very steady camera hand if I was staring down a bear!!