Monday, September 20, 2010

DJ Nieve

A prelude to record scratching

Nieve has a little 'activity center' she goes in to keep her entertained if Mom and I need a moment to do a chore around the house (or eat dinner, etc). She loves it- she can happily stay in it for up to fifteen minutes playing with all of the various stations designed to captivate infants.

"Yo... from the crowd... any requests?"

Her favorite station (aside from the dragon that she routinely attacks) is the noise maker - brightly colored plastic tiles that, when pressed, make the noise of the animal pictured on it. If you hit the tiles enough times in quick succession a little song plays as a reward. Nieve has mastered making the song play and every time the tune starts she looks up from her determined whacking with a broad 'I'm so proud of myself' grin. Her joy from playing the song is so apparent that we've dubbed her "DJ Nieve" whenever she is in the excersaucer.

A grinning girl, mixing up a fat beat for the fam

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Holly Teetzel said...

Nieve and Puff the Magic Dragon look equally pleased with her musical prowess. Will she be ready for a keyboard for Christmas? :-)