Monday, September 13, 2010

A First Soccer Match

A rare moment- Ronan paying attention to the game

Last weekend Ronan attended his first football game and enjoyed it, so last night all four of us went to see if Stanford soccer would be as entertaining.

Ronan looking around for things to do, with Mom and Nieve making each other chuckle

I was surprised they charged for admission ($7 adults/$4 for Ronan/Nieve was 'complimentary'); this may be in part why the crowd was only a few hundred people. Ronan seemed to enjouy running around the bleachers and meeting other kids- he found this more interesting than watching the game. However, he did yell, "GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL" a few times after a booming kick (neither team scored when we were there) and asked, "what's that?" when the ref blew the whistle. He also liked to show people his ticket.

Mom, Nieve and Ronan enjoying the game from the stands

Nieve, the social butterfly, loved looking at all of the people in the stands but was frightened when the crowd noise became loud. Her hunger made her cranky and temperature was getting chilly- like many of the other families in the crowd we called it an evening by 7:30.

Front row seating under Sunday night lights

Volleyball is next on the list of sports to try out- it's probably too noisy for Nieve but Ronan will likely love the fast action, the frequent whistle blowing, and the indoor PA system.

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Holly Teetzel said...

Ronan should start a scrap book with his ticket stubs - see how many he can amass in the first 18 years. See Uncle Todd for tips on being a collector of memorabilia! Sounds like a fun night, even though no one scored while you were there.