Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nana's Vespa

Nana going over all of the controls with an eager grandson

As noted in the previous post, Ronan's favorite motorcycle manufacturer is Ducati. His favorite scooter manufacturer is Italian as well - meaning lots of bright red - and that scooter manufacturer is Vespa.

The Fonz has nothing on Ronan

Trying on Uncle Todd's helmet

Ronan's love for Vespa's is clearly Nana's doing. In Jan of this year Nana bought a, you guessed it, bright red Vespa LX 150. Since then she's been sending photos to Ronan, reminding him of just how cool and fun this little machine is. Ronan has bought her story and enjoys pointing out these highly stylized vehicles, be it on the road or in a book.

Nieve elated to ride side saddle with her big brother at the controls

For what it's worth the Vespa is a very fun and capable machine. It's sprightly, well proportioned and easy to ride. It's a bit quicker than I thought it would be, and Mom enjoyed riding it. It oozes fun and that's really the point of owning a scooter in Southern California.

Mom enjoying the test ride

A lovely lady - Mom daintily crossing her legs, Italian woman style.

It's not the most masculine vehicle on the road and I felt a bit silly putting about on it. Ronan does not seem to be bothered by the less-than-manly persona of the Vespa, though I'm hoping he chooses a Ducati when it comes time to make a motorized two-wheel vehicle purchase.

Not exactly macho... but fun

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Holly Teetzel said...

Nice to see Ronan complying with the helmet law. Now we need to get him some proper riding attire - all that bare skin invites road rash!