Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ronan's Rocket Ship

Love at first sight... perhaps Ronan's first tattoo?

OK, it's a car, not a rocket ship. Sadly it's not Ronan's 'rocket ship', but that is exactly what he called it. It's certainly not my 'rocket ship' and it's not even our friend's 'rocket ship', but Uncle S did borrow a Tesla Roadster (by borrowed we suspect he left a fake id at the Tesla dealership and drove it home... I'm sure the sales guys are still looking for him) and Ronan was eager to check it out.

"What kind of tall lanky driver are these pedals placed for? Move 'em closer to the seat so I can reach!"

Ronan desperately *wished* it belong to at least one of us... but we were all surprised that it was Mom who smiled & giggled the most (although unlike Ronan she got to drive it). An understandably common response after piloting a car that can go 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

"Sweet! This thing's got charge, baby! Charge!

To Ronan's keen eye there were several interesting features:
  • A cool new head badge (he had never seen the Tesla insignia before)
  • A coolant reservoir above the large rear batteries & the PEM (Power Electronics Module)
  • An interesting air intake behind the doors (to cool the PEM/batteries)
  • A cozy cockpit with low-slung seats
  • A Back-to-the-future styled power port (in place of a gas cap)
  • No tailpipe! (He searched hard for it... I think he was a bit disappointed not to find one)
  • No tow hitch! After installing one on Mom's Prius, Ronan thinks all vehicles need a solid tow hitch.

"So *that's* where they keep the flux capacitor..."

It is a unbelievably fun little car. If you ever need a crazy fast all-electric coupe that is buckets of fun to drive (and you've got over $100k budgeted for your auto), Ronan highly recommends the Tesla roadster. Especially if you get it painted like Lightning McQueen. Oh, and he recommends installing a tow hitch.

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Holly Teetzel said...

Sweet! Does Ronan have any idea how LUCKY he is? Not many of us have even seen one of these, let along rode in one! Did Rach bolt in the car seat and give Ronan a spin when she test drove it?

And Ronan is right - definitely needs a tow hitch and an exhaust pipe! ha