Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sleep Struggles

Ronan struggles when going to sleep- like many problems his challenges mean difficulty for the whole family (in this case, the four of us are sleep deprived). We often have to 'gate' Ronan in his room and sometimes he spends more than an hour of crying, yelling, or fussing before he finally gets to sleep.

This afternoon was particularly bad; after he had finally settled I went upstairs to check on him. He had torn apart his room with everything inside strewn about the floor... including his diaper and clothes. He was half on the floor and half on the mattress with his exposed backside facing the door.

Clothing removal in protest of naptime

For all of our sanity we hope this poor sleep phase passes quickly. But, while it lasts, we'll try to enjoy the humorous parts of it.


Holly Teetzel said...

Oh my, what a statement Ronan made. I do hope this is a phase that passes quickly, but I can't resist commenting that Ronan's room looks very much like his father's old room on a good day!

Melissa said...

wait. that's not the sleeping norm for teetzel men?

Holly Teetzel said...

Good one, Mel!

CalBadger said...