Monday, September 27, 2010

Taking to the Sky

Ronan pulling his suitcase, with the veteran weary traveler stride

On Saturday we made our annual pilgrimage south to San Diego. Mom and I were a bit concerned about traveling with two young ones- it had been a year since Ronan was last on an airplane and this was Nieve's maiden flight.

Being cutsie on the escalator

The day of travel (save an unpleasant experience at the rental car agency) went smoothly- the kids were great, the lines bearable, and everything went to schedule. A benefit from taking Virgin America is that their gates are based out of the new and spacious International terminal at SFO. Ronan had a blast exploring the space after we made it through security.

Nieve's first flight

A few key things seemed to make the difference. First, my colleague, who has a two-year-old of his own, lent us a portable DVD player to keep Ronan anesthetized. Second, giving Ronan his own little suitcase (which he called, "luggage") made him feel like he needed to behave like all of the other adults at the airport. Finally, making sure the infant has access to food and a warm body makes hour-long flights a breeze, even if they are a little stuffy.

Ronan scored the window seat. Unfortunately during takeoff & landing he could not see the ground below as the window was too high for him.

We all made it to Nana's house safe and sound and are loving the warm (hot!) weather and Nana's wonderful hospitality.


Todd said...

Wow, I really like those shots! Well done!.

CalBadger said...

Just a few comments:
1) Give me a break...try three kids on an airplane and none of them were as well behaved as Ronan and Nieve, as YOU KNOW WELL ERIK!
2) Ah, have you guys changed your mind about TV/Video? Have you ever heard the wisdom that "Necessity is the mother of invention"? Parents are masters of that concept! You're getting it!
3) You all look wonderful and happy!
4) Keep hydrated and visit he Ocean often. It's 86 here in Cambria at 6:45 AM!
5) Have fun at Nana's--that's the best B&B in San Diego-good company too!

Holly Teetzel said...

You're off to a wonderful start. Casa Minorca is starting to jam. Rock on!