Friday, October 29, 2010

Del Mar - It's All About the Beach

A slideshow from some of our September '10 Del Mar beach memories

There are lots of fun children-centric things to do in San Diego, including the most heavily marketed places like Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and Legoland. For all the fun and convenience (and hit to your pocketbook) these theme parks bring, nothing beats the timeless fun of playing at Del Mar's pristine beaches.

That probably explains why sometimes we make two trips a day (pre and post nap) to the waves and sand. The kids love it - all parents really need to do is keep a watchful eye on energetic toddlers and make sure an ample amount of sunscreen is applied. Ronan is rightfully cautious with the ocean but at times will forget that the water's edge advances and recedes. Not only does he love playing in the water he also likes to stretch his legs an run along the water's edge. When tired he loves to be buried (up to his neck!), especially in the warmer, dry dark sand.

Nieve, on the other hand, is shaping up to be an urban girl. She was intrigued by the beach but if the wind was too strong or the sun too intense she became a bit fussy. She seemed to like best all of the action at the more crowded spots - people watching was her favorite thing to do.

Besides exposure to the elements, sand-in-everything is the downside to beach trips. Nana's house was filled with the grainy stuff - a huge thank you to her for unparalleled hospitality and patience for our beach going habit!

A beautiful Nana, dazzling @ Gina and Jason's wedding. Just thought I'd include it as a part of the 'grazie' to Nana!

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Holly Teetzel said...

Darling slide show of everyone - reminds me we DO live in paradise. I look forward to your annual visits - sand and all :-) Mi casa, su casa as they say down here in the Southland!