Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nieve and the Doorway Jumper

A happy little girl with a spring in her step

Nieve enjoys many things - competing for Ronan's attention, eating her toys, regarding wall hangings, and playing in her exersaucer. One activity she has recently taken a liking to is bouncing up and down in her doorway jumper.

Ronan at six months, 'seasoning' the jumper so that it's nice and soft for Nieve

When Ronan was Nieve's age he was crazy about the jumper and even morphed his bouncing up and down into a not-half-bad Irish jig. He did so by fluttering his feet back and forth quickly as soon as they left the floor. Nieve's solid at the basic jump but she's got a ways before she can replicate Ronan's skill and flair.

Alternative uses of the jumper, now that Ronan's too big to jump in it

Now that Ronan is a 'big boy' the doorway jumper has become interesting in a different way - he uses it to do 'fire drills' by wildly swinging in a big arc until he hits a wall (or whatever object may be in his path). He'll also dive into the jumper face-first and get his head stuck in one of the leg holes.

A video from the 2008 archive - Ronan jumping to Mom's Celtic singing

Hopefully Nieve will continue to have (safe) fun in her bouncer. Here's hoping she does not pick up on Ronan's reckless habits!


Holly Teetzel said...

Soooooo cute to see the 2 very different styles in doorway jumping. Wild abandon vs. laid back cautious - I predict this will continue on into childhood, adolescence and beyond. Hold on to your hats, parentae!

CalBadger said...

I love Nieve's style--she gets a 10! Ronan, on the other hand, sure reminds me of another Teetzel male who will go nameless; although, "Wild Abandon" would be an understatement describing this unnamed person's particular style as a youngster!

Holly Teetzel said...

Amen to that, CalBadger!!

Erik said...

Poor Uncle Todd, if only he knew you two were calling him out on this comments page...