Monday, October 4, 2010

Nieve's First Solid Food

Not exactly an enthusiastic reception

This evening was Nieve's first introduction to solid food. The oatmeal cereal we offered her was poorly received, though Nieve did manage to keep down a few heaping spoonfuls.

The first taste is always a bit shocking

Trying hard to power through that undesirable taste

I imagine it was a disappointment for her given they way she would watch us eat 'adult food' with envy for past few months. If she was ever on one of our laps at meal time we'd have to be extra cautious of her fast, grasping little hands that would continue to reach for our food.

Fighting the spoon to keep from having to eat any more of that bad tasting mush

We will keep trying with other baby foods and hopefully something will be well received by her. I can't say that I'm surprised at her reaction- that mush really is unappealing.

Ronan too was less than impressed when he tried cereal for the first time two years ago

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Holly Teetzel said...

Maybe the first food should be a good chocolate milkshake - smiles all around. Love Ronan in the background saying "I'll hold the water, that's my job." And I suspect he was drinking the water for Nieve, too. I didn't recognize Ronan (at age 5 mo.) without any hair. What a change 2 years makes :-)