Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 1st, 2010 - A Most Excellent Day

10/1/10 was a wonderful day - little Sage was born to our friends Ery and Tim. Nieve is looking forward to have a fellow fashionista to hang with, especially given us parents are all 'stylistically challenged' (at least Tim, Mom and I are).

Sage, just learning how to keep her eyes open

Separately our friends Gina and Jason tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in San Diego - they both looked dashing and the party was a blast. The newlyweds are likely enjoying some well earned rest together on their honeymoon.

A radiant bride and a "he's looked worse" groom

Congrats to Ery, Tim, Gina, and Jason!


CalBadger said...

A word of advice to you fathers: Start practicing hiding your credit cards NOW. Of course, you probably should've been doing that already (no offense Ladies!). OMG does Gina look terrific! I haven't seen her since forever; I was wondering what you and Bhavesh were all decked out for; then it struck me that you were taking Nana out to Red Robin as a way to thank her for hosting you! The future looks great: October 1st was a Most Excellent Day indeed!

Holly Teetzel said...

Red Robin - great laff CalBadger :-) And yes Gina is beautiful - and a very happy bride. Congrats to Tim and Ery, too. Is Sage their first?