Friday, October 8, 2010

San Diego Rail

Boarding the trolley with Mom

Ronan loves trains so naturally when we visited San Diego we had to check out the local rail entities. San Diego has the Metropolitan Tansit System's trolley with routes that run from the border to downtown and the major sporting venues. One trolley line runs right by the New Children's Museum and every time a train would rumble by Ronan would stop what he was doing and make us watch it pass. That led to all of us (Bhavesh Kaka and Auntie Sheila were with us) purchasing tickets and riding the trolley a few stops, just for fun.

Mom, Ronan, and Bhavesh Kaka on the San Diego trolley

The new American Plaza trolley station

Near Nana's house in Del Mar the train tracks run along the coast and right by the beach that we visit. In addition to stopping and staring at the passing trains Ronan was fascinated by the noisy and flashing crossing gates that would come down. Now when Ronan plays with his Thomas the Tank Engine he notes the railroad crossing sign and pretends red lights are flashing and an imaginary bell is ringing.

So exciting, Ronan has to hold onto his hat

Ronan really us infatuated with trains (as are most boys) - now that we are back home we'll have to take him on the narrow-gauge steam train through the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains.

Amtrak at sunset, overlooking Del Mar beach

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Holly Teetzel said...

What fun! Another career option for Ronan - engineer/conductor of a train. Don't rule it out; we all know someone who has a sweet retirement package from MTS :-) And not to forget Nieve who has a penchant for that yellow wooden RR crossing sign that's part of the Thomas set!