Sunday, November 7, 2010

Foodtime with Nieve

Good food makes Nieve happy

A month ago Nieve started eating solid food and now family mealtimes have become, well, interesting. Nieve has expanded her palate to include both rice and oatmeal cereal, prunes, avocado, blueberries, banana, chicken, and Tootsie Roll Pop (a quick snatch from Ronan during Halloween).

Ronan adds fun to food time by drinking his water with a straw

It seems her favorite food is now the oatmeal/prune blend (lollypop aside, of course) we give her during breakfast as she willingly eats the entire portion. When we gave her a blueberry/banana/oatmeal concoction she seemed as eager to wear it as much as she did to eat it... she spent the rest of the day with bits of blueberry hardened to her face.

Grammy feeding our newest food lover

We're looking forward to exploring more foods with Nieve as she seems eager to try whatever it is we are eating. Hopefully she'll have the same adventurous approach to food as her older brother does (his motto: when in doubt, add Nutella)!


Holly Teetzel said...

Not a bad start for a 6 month old - I should eat so well! Of course now that she's tasted the forbidden fruit (tootsie roll) she has a definite point of comparison. Will any child choose prunes over candy? hmmmm we'll see :-)

Todd said...

that's my motto too! you got to love nutella!

Holly Teetzel said...

Where can I get Nutella? I can't find it in SD. Allison used to send it from Germany.

Erik said...

Cost Plus World Market - it is the cheapest place to get Nutella. Mom buys it there by the kilo. Just about every grocery store here in the bay area carries it (including Safeway)... surprising you cannot find it in S.D.

Holly Teetzel said...

I'll try Cost Plus this week - and yeah, even Jimbo's and Henry's don't carry it :-(