Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nieve's Hair Goes Big

"Good morning! Like my hair?"

Nieve's hair is almost always a topic of discussion whenever someone meets her. Yes, she has far more of it than most six-month-olds, but what makes it notable is the crazy shapes that it takes.

Insane hair makes Nieve giggle

When Mom brought Nieve down this morning even Ronan and I stopped to admire her coiffure. It wasn't just crazy, it was BIG. Scary big. Sicking up in a strange, wavy, almost wanna-be-60's-beehive done with little to no regard for tidiness. It's unclear exactly what combination of overnight drool and odd head position during sleep made for such a do, but we marveled at the result.

Nieve got the 'do under control just in time for dinner

Fortunately for Nieve, after a bit the whole thing settled down and by dinnertime her hair was manageable. And during bathtime Auntie Sheila wanted to try a mow-hawk like Ronan sported at her age, but alas the hair was too long to stay put without serious additives. She's asleep now but we're eager to see which hairstyle tonight's rest will bring!


Holly Teetzel said...

Sarah Palin eat your heart out - Nieve has it all over you! Gotta love that hair :-)

Melissa said...

rod blagojevich hair!!!

Erik said...

Ha ha! Poor little girl, I hope the Rod B comparison does not stick.