Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Head - Take Three

"Take the picture, Dad. Now. You good? OK, let's go."

A few weekends ago we took a trip over the hill to San Gregorio to fetch our seasonal pumpkins. It was Ronan's third year in a row and the first for Nieve for playing at the pumpkin patch - unlike the previous two years the weather was beautiful (hot, actually) with very little wind.

Nieve attacking her pumpkin while Ronan and Auntie She fly through the rows

Where's Ronan? Somewhere in the detritus

Pumpkins bring out the nutty in Ronan

Ronan did the usual, wrestling pumpkins, climbing the hay stack, and exploring the old farm machinery. He even sat still long enough to take a few photos with Nieve. Ronan also took to jumping off of the hay stack and his actions encouraged another little boy to join in the not-exactly-safe fun. Auntie She, who joined us for the fun, did her best to get Ronan to do things his mother and father consider dangerous.

Yep. That's Ronan.

Hands out front, knees bent, looking at the landing... pretty good form for a 2.5 year old

Superfly jumping off again

Nieve, ever sensitive to hard environmental conditions, was nonplussed by the exposure to the bright sun and the coarseness of the hay when she sat on it. That said she had fun with some pumpkins and loved watching the kids run around an be crazy for a bit of time.

Patient but uncomfortable Nieve waits for Ronan to finish his crazed jumping

And like always, we outfitted the kids with their hand-knit hats from our friend Linda - both of them looked scrumptious. Thanks again Linda!

A little Auntie She time always perks Nieve up

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Holly Teetzel said...

What a great day - great fotos, too. I LOVE the windblown wispy clouds in the clear blue sky! Looks like Ronan has hit his stride in the Hay Jump - ha ha