Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rain Ranger

Intrepid Ronan on his quest for water. Bravery comes easy when wielding a ladybug umbrella and sporting Thomas The Thank Engine galoshes.

Following a beautiful, warm first two weeks of November the rain and cold weather has finally arrived. Fortunately for Ronan he loves the water and, save the pre-hypothermia violent shivering, seems impervious to the cold.

Intentionally standing directly under a broken downspout next to our front door

Observing the storm drains and the fallen foliage blocking the grate

Finding streams, falling water, and puddles is Ronan's favorite part of rainy days. Just a romp around the neighborhood (or even our front yard) provides hours of entertainment. Ronan's fun is usually cut short by either Mom or I deciding enough is enough (blue lips, severely slurred speech, increased clumsiness to the point of dangerousness, etc) and requiring him to head back to a warmer, dryer space.

Not sure what this pose is about, but he did like the golden carpet of ginko leaves

Playing with some earthworms

Nieve is not much for 'the elements' so she stays inside where it is cozy, dry, and filled with fun but not too physically taxing toys.

When it's wet outside Nieve is happy to just jump indoors


Holly Teetzel said...

Boys and puddles - they go together like bacon & eggs. I love the umbrella - and the fact that for Ronan it was basically a prop - his hair is soaking wet by the end of the walk. Time for hot cocoa!! I'm sure Nieve would agree :-)
Darling post.

Erik said...

Funny that you mentioned hot cocoa... that's exactly what Mom served Ronan when we walked in the door.

CalBadger said...

I really identify with Ronan: Playing in the rain was my favorite pastime as a kid. I was luckier than Ronan though, it rained much, much more in Michigan. However, I never had a ladybug umbrella or fancy rain coat, just a hooded yellow rain slicker. And forget about rain boots--I wouldn't have worn them anyway. Beautiful photos of beautiful people!