Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ronan Appreciates Art

Ronan reminds us not to take ourselves, or our art too seriously...

Well, maybe not yet. But he did at least pose *near* the beautiful painting we received as a gift from Auntie Mel and Uncle T. It is the third piece in our collection by our favorite artist, Agni Ardi.

A painting we fell in love with almost a decade ago in Ubud, Bali, now comfortably filling our living room

Agni's work is art that we love to live with - it's fun, complex, beautiful, and abstract. It's almost a game to see what people interpret out of the various lines and colors that stretch across the canvas - the paintings inevitably draw out even the most unimaginative viewer's imagination. It also seems comfortable with the chaos and clutter that is a home with two young kids. Both Nieve and Ronan love all of our Agni Ardi paintings. When asked, Ronan said his favorite is, "..the blue one. And the one with the red, too."

Many, many thanks Auntie M & Uncle T!


Holly Teetzel said...

Beautiful work - also interesting if you download the photos and rotate them so they're upside down, then view. New images come to mind. (Ronan is especially comical upside down!)

Jimmy Wayne Ibiza said...

I wish I was as sophisticated about art as Ronan. Although, I did take Holly's suggestion and flipped the image around while I walked backward but then I hit my head. :-)

Todd said...

Good to see you got the painting up. It looks good. I feel like I see it differently each time I look at it!

Thanks for introducing Agni to Mel and Me. I feel like I can just stare at his paintings forever! If Mel ever defects to Indo she can be our supplier!