Saturday, November 13, 2010

Standing... with a Prop

Our little girl trying hard to grow up (far too quickly)

Nieve has always had strong legs (with sizable thighs as proof). When we first brought her home from the hospital it seemed as if she was wanting to stand on her own. At the time Mom disapproved of letting her try (the abnormal stress from standing can adversely impact hip development), but now that Nieve is a bit older Mom has allowed her to stand for short periods of time.

A smile that says, "Look at me!"

When we let her try, Nieve will happily plant her feet and keep her balance for a short while under her own strength (aided by a prop). While standing she looks terribly proud of herself - when she eventually plops to the ground she immediately starts complaining. We're impressed with her strength and determination but are a bit concerned about her being more mobile than she already is!

Push off the prop to make it more challenging

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Holly Teetzel said...

Tell Nieve she'll have better balance with both feet flat on the ground - love how she's balancing on her left heel :-) soooooo cute!!