Saturday, November 27, 2010

Un-Boxing the Imagination

Ronan checking his gages whilst Nieve enjoys a pre-flight snack

One of our favorite changes we've seen in Ronan over the past month has been the blossoming of his imagination. Rather than simply play with/organize cars he's now taking seemingly innocuous objects and turning them into something fun.

Happy to avoid TSA delays for this flight

Last week, for example, Ronan moved out all of his cars in trucks from the 'Greasy Garage' and proclaimed that the box was now the cockpit of his airplane. Of course Nieve wanted to do the same but Ronan noted she was, "too young to have a license" and would thus have to simply be a passenger. Ronan climbed in, had Nieve join him, and then proceeded to talk to the 'control tower', asking for permission to takeoff and land. Apparently things that he picked up at the Hiller Air Museum have stuck. When I asked where he was going to fly to, he answered, "Chicago. Or maybe Hawaii".

Ronan and the princess on a 'train ride'

Witnessing the flight of a child's imagination is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood. I'm excited to see what else Nieve and Ronan decide to do with all the various mundane objects currently cluttering our house. Sure, those objects will most likely end up being destroyed, but witnessing that deconstruction process will be delightful!

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Holly Teetzel said...

Don't you just love the ideas kids come up with? I love Ronan's pilot idea. And he's going to Chicago or Hawaii?? Where did he come up with those choices? Had to laugh at the last picture - dainty little (?) Nieve all bundled up against the cold and macho bro with no shirt or shoes. Guess he was working hard!