Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hog Thief

A troublemaker's grin... I'm afraid we'll be seeing it frequently in the future

OK, yes, it's not a hog, it's a replica Indian. I suppose that makes this little bike even more awesome. Regardless, for an afternoon, Nieve commandeered Ronan's ride and had a blast doing it. If her legs were long enough to reach the accelerator pedal I'm convinced she would have tried to ride it all around the room. She loved the gages, the levers, and the fact that the front wheel moved back and forth with the handlebars. Thankfully Ronan was at Preschool when she dipped his bike - had he been home this post would have likely been titled, "Nieve's First Stitches."

Nieve's one-finger brake squeeze adding some style to her bad girl image

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Holly Teetzel said...

Oh yeah, watch out world - this little woman will be a formidable rider! Wonder if I can find a replica of a vintage Vespa for her!!