Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jack Johnson Jr., Take 2

Bare feet, laid back eyes, cluttered unassuming surroundings... yep, this may well be the Jack Johnson heir apparent

It's been a while since Ronan last played (with) his guitar - for the most part the toy instrument has been sitting unused in the living room.

The original...

Yet last week Ronan walked over, picked the guitar up (it's now a 5-string as the G-string broke many months ago) and, unprompted, started playing Jack Johnson's 'Breakdown'. Of course he's never learned how to deliberately play chords but he got a laugh out of all of us when he started singing the refrain and strumming the strings.

... and Ronan's cover

I still crack up at hearing him sing, off-key, "the wisdom's in the trees, not the glass windows." Mom and I are checking our borderline-appropriate idioms and snarky comments... we are amazed (afraid?) that he could pick up this phrase, given how hard it is to extract from the original song, even when you are listening carefully for it.

Here's hoping a love of music is fostered in Ronan

Since watching the original video on YouTube, Ronan and I have a pact that one day we will pack up the car with surfboards and head south on our own surfing sojourn. You can be certain Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams will be on our mp3 player (or whatever the popular music playing device is ten years from how).


Holly Teetzel said...

This may be how Jack himself started out - 5 strings and a bit off key, but hey the talent is lurking in there somewhere. Soooo cute. Can't wait for Ronan to play for me!

Melissa said...

he'll definitely get major points with ladies if he can play well. agreed, very cute~