Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leaf Peeping

Nieve did notice the brilliant colors but was more interested in the crunching sounds she could make with the fallen leaves

One of our favorite activities this time of year is the hunt for the most magnificent fall foliage in our neighborhood. Typically Chinese Pistache are the winners with their brilliant yellow and fiery oranges hues (especially on Bowdoin St. between Stanford Ave and Pine Hill Rd), and Ginkgos make their case by creating lush carpets of their leathery golden leaves after they have fallen. This year, however there were a few Japanese Maples that took the honors for brilliant colors - in particular the radiant crimson red leaves at our neighbor's house stops pedestrians in their tracks.

So maybe Ronan's not so interested in leaves after all...

...but the soft lighting can make Ronan appear (for a moment) to be quiet and still

A key ingredient to arresting fall foliage is the angle of the sun - it sits lower on the horizon and comes through the leaves to create the captivating brilliance that we enjoy. The same low, sometimes diffuse sunlight also makes for interesting photography. Non-rainy fall days are my favorite time to go out and take some snapshots of the kids.

Low, diffuse light with a slow shutter makes for rich colors and movement in photographs

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Holly Teetzel said...

Looks like you're having a spectacular Fall up there. Nice job with the diffusely lit photos, dad :-) Loved the links to the various trees, too.