Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nana's Visit

"It's a full-on double kiss all the way. Woah! It's so beautiful. What does it mean?"

This week Nana came up to wish Ronan and Nieve a very happy holidays before the seasonal travel rush made flying challenging. Ronan had a blast showing Nana his school as well as inquiring (unprompted) after her 'ow-eee' (Nana cracked her sternum a few weeks ago and is still healing). His thoughtfulness made Mom and I look self-absorbed by comparison as we asked about it maybe once during the entire trip. What's more, after we hastily jumped into the car (due to heavy rain) and started off, Ronan calls out, "Dad! You should fasten my seatbelt!" It's unlikely he was concerned about his safety - rather he was showing off to Nana that he's our observant little process minder (how effective are fastened car-seat seatbelts anyway? Ronan did not know, however, that when I was his age and Nana was carting me and auntie Ala around in a VW Microbus that not only did not have carseats, it didn't have any back seats at all. In defense of Nana there was a playpen that we usually were in). Our cheeky little kid is already showing us up.

So much for a nice staged photo with all the subjects looking at the camera...

While Ronan was busy 'showcasing' his independence and new skills (being potty trained, jumping on/off the couch, etc), Nieve just wanted hugs from Nana. Nieve was still sick with a cold (or cold +) but loved her time reading with Nana or being gently walked around the house. As strange as it may seem sometimes those mundane moments are the most enjoyable.

Nana and Nieve reading

Mom and I were thankful that Nana did all the dishes and left our house in a much cleaner state than we found it. Now that Nana has left Ronan will occasionally ask, "where's Nana?". When I look into the kitchen sink and see a large pile of dirty dishes, I say the same. Many thanks, Nana, for the wonderful visit!

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Holly Teetzel said...

What does it mean? That the mundane moments truly WERE the most enjoyable (Yosemitebear notwithstanding - he has some serious issues!) I had a wonderful time just chillin' with you all - nothing says loving like a vivacious little boy and a cuddly little girl. The adults are good, too.... It was a perfect Christmas treat for me :-)