Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ronan's favorite part of last week's visit to the CA Academy of Sciences - flirting with a diver when she was cleaning an exhibit

Two weeks ago Ronan watched a video of Uncle T SCUBA diving on Barbados. Since then his favorite play activity has been SCUBA diving, be it in the living room, the bathtub, or outside.

"Greeting Earthlings"

As all guys do, Ronan wanted to make sure he had the best dive gear. He convinced Mom to bring up her mask and snorkel and he fashioned a compressed air tank out of an empty SodaStream carbonator. He claimed the snorkel was his 'regulayor' (regulator) and he used his Thomas the Tank engine as a buoyancy compensator. Thankfully he has yet to try to wear fins, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he knows that is missing.

It does not appear to be very comfortable, but to Ronan comfort is not the point

SCUBA diving with Ronan is many years off, but hopefully during one of our trips to the Pacific coast we'll be able to get him snorkeling. Exploring the beauty in our seas has always brought a mixture of wonder and joy to Mom and me - here's hoping Ronan and Nieve enjoy it as well. If not, well, tough cookies for them. Fortunately, when they turn 18, they are free to partake in whatever recreational activities suits them!

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Holly Teetzel said...

Ronan's imagination totally wows me - he's got the whole SCUBA thing nailed (except for the fins, of course, but he considers his feet to be fins) and spent a fair amount of time in full dive gear "swimming" around on the hardwood floor in the playroom. He would tell me what he was seeing - sea lions, coral reefs, sting rays and Moray eels. I could almost see them, too! I await the Bleary-Eyed post when Ronan passes his SCUBA test :-)