Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A(nother) First Bath

Ronan taking his first bath

When Ronan was a new-born almost a week had passed before I asked Mom, "when should we think about bathing him?" Her priceless response made it clear that we had completely overlooked a fairly important part of parenting- child hygiene.

Bathtime today...always with a little mischievousness

Since then we've been better with Ronan and I cannot recall a day where he did not get his evening bath. Not wanting to repeat ourselves with Nieve we decided to bathe her prior to the end of her first week of life.

Loving the scalp massage

As with many other aspects, bathtime with Nieve was much smoother. For one we're now using a bathroom big enough for more than one adult (our previous bathroom was basically a broom closet filled with a toilet, sink, shower, and, I kid you not, our washer and dryer) and two, both of us are more sure-handed with infants.

Drying off after the washing

Nieve squwaked a few times in the beginning but by the end of it she was in a serene, relaxed state perhaps indicating a future love for expensive spas and pampering. Mom's shampoo/head massage was a clear winner.

Drying off after the washing

We look forward to a few months from now when Ronan and Nieve can bathe together, although she may need arm floaties and a snorkel to survive.

A clean and happy little Nieve, post moisturizer rub-down

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nana Turns, Well, Uh... 29 (Again)!

Ronan loves his Nana and we're pretty sure little Nieve will as well once she gets to meet her. It's Nana's birthday so we wanted to send a little greeting to let her know we're thinking of her.

Happy Birthday Nana- we hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Six Days of Nieve

We have received quite a few requests to post pictures of Nieve- here are six photos, each taken roughly a day apart, one for every day of her life to date.

Day 1: Only a few minutes after birth

Day 2: Resting quietly at the hospital

Day 3: Alert enough to check out her new home

Day 4: Learning to chuckle

Day 5: Looking out onto the backyard

Day 6: Relaxing on an ottoman

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Babies Do Best- Make Friends

Nieve, our new, little, sleepy one

She has been with us for less than 72 hours but already Nieve has made quite a few friends. I suppose it's easy when all that you do is look cute and cuddle; Nieve loves a nice warm set of arms to sleep in.

Mom, in love

A bleary-eyed father and his gang-symbol-flashing little girl

A proud big brother... Ronan has really taken to his little sister

Grammy's next project

A proud Pappa

Auntie She 'nose' what's best

Auntie E seemed to approve of Nieve's cuddling capability

A loving Auntie J spoiled parents and children alike!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Mike, cousins Makena and Maia all seem to approve

Undergoing a thorough Aunt Nancy inspection

Blowing kisses to Aunt Pauline

Making Aunt Patti smile

Grandma seems fond of the new little one

Grandpa was a push-over

Ashley and Brandon think Nieve is sweet

Four generations of remarkable women; Grandma thinks her latest great-grandchild is adorable

Even when sleepy Nieve can bring out Aunt Charleen's smile

Uncle Mikey helping Dad get Nieve some vitamin D when Mom's back was turned

Bhavesh Kaka's calming effect kept Nieve happy

Nieve cuddles into a warm and comfy Uncle S

"Farmer" Lars is a natural... and we caught Nieve at her most alert

So far Nieve has been doing wonderfully- eating well, sleeping well, and pooping well. We hope she continues to be a healthy, happy baby. We thank all of you for your support and love- Nieve especially enjoys it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome Nieve

Nieve, the newest addition to the family

At 8:35pm, April 18th, Mom gave birth to Nieve, a beautiful baby girl. She is 7 lbs 8 oz (3.425 kg) and 20 inches (50.8cm) in length, healthy, has a full stock of dark hair and is quite cuddly.

Washing little Nieve

Mom was amazing throughout- when she finally started pushing it took less than twelve total pushes to get Nieve through the birth canal. We remarked at how small newborns were... we had acclimated to the size and speed of our much larger and more active two-year-old. As Ronan would say, Nieve is a, "little tiny one." We are delighted to welcome little her into our family and look forward to having her meet all of you soon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ronan Turns Two


Ronan turns two today, and needless to say Mom and I have loved sharing the past year with him. Here's a few thing that he's gained along the way:
  • Five inches in height (he is now 35.5" tall)
  • Four pounds of weight (tipping the scales at 30 lbs)
  • A 2" vertical jump
  • Several hundred words to be used in up-to-four word phrases (each accompanied by his trademark lisp)
  • Knowledge of colors
  • The capacity, from time to time, to count to twenty
  • Some trike riding proficiency
  • A goofy wink
  • A snarl-like smile when he says, "cheese'
  • The capability to recite some of his favorite Dr. Suess books
  • Ability to easily identify Minis, Porsches, Audis, BMWs, Golfs, and Priora (the only non-German car to make the list)
  • A penchant for teasing; for example when Mom asks, "what do cows eat for breakfast?" he replies, "grass.... sometimes pizza pies"
  • A love of hiking
  • Speed. He can run quite well and sustain the pace for a fair stretch.
  • The gumption to tell people to, "pipe down"
  • An off-key but recognizable rendition of "Skye Boat Song"
  • A refined (expensive) food palate, his favorite dish being fresh line-caught, perfectly grilled king salmon
  • 15 additional teeth (for a total of 16)
  • The ability (when he chooses) to use a potty
  • Mad mambo moves
  • 7 new friends & 3 great teachers at Google day care
Of course somethings have remained the same, such as his love for wheels, vehicles, and his family and friends. Happy Birthday Ronan, celebrate your day with style!

Enjoying singing 'Happy Birthday' to himself candles

The birthday dinner- roast chicken, mac & cheese, and broccoli

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Loot

Excited, perhaps?

In addition to a basket full of sugar from the annual 'egg' hunt, Ronan also received great Easter gifts from family and friends. Jeff, Erin, Maya, and Nicolas gave Ronan two new miniature trucks (a 'green recycle truck' and a 'tractor with plow' as Ronan likes to say); needless to say he loves them. In fact, he had misplaced the tractor two days ago and we spent a good 48 hours looking for it at Ronan's insistence (the tractor was found... he left it at Grammy & Papas).

Happy with Mommy & new trucks

"Check it- a tractor and plow!"

Grammy & Papa also gave Ronan a great card filled with some cash, so he took the money and purchased himself a brand new model P-51 Mustang during our weekend trip to the Hiller Air Museum.

Preparing the P-51 for takeoff

Inspecting the Red Baron

Ronan is a happy little camper with his new machines- many thanks to all of your for the wonderful Easter treats!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Bhavesh-kaka!

"Party-time! Happy Birthday Bhavesh-kaka!"

Let's be clear- Ronan's love is for sale, and Bhavesh-kaka is a top savvy bidder. For Christmas last year Bhavesh gave Ronan a beautiful Harley-Davidson Deuce model motorcycle, complete with working kickstand and all. Ronan was so in love with his new object of affection that he refused to go to sleep without it for an entire week.

A happy boy

So, from all of us, Happy Birthday Bhav! And, who knows, perhaps Chickapea will share your birthday?

A little motorcycle goes a long way...

Friday, April 9, 2010

An Afternoon with The Cousins

Auntie She, Makena, Maia & Mom

On Monday Ronan had a fun surprise- his cousins Makena and Maia were on spring break and decided to stop in for a visit. The M's were simply amazing with Ronan; patient, funny, engaging, entertaining, and loving. Mom, Auntie She and I all watched the fun unfold as Ronan ran around after Makena and Maia with a broad smile on his face.

Here's the only grimace Ronan gave while hanging with his cousins- during the forced pose for photos

When it was time to settle down for the evening the girls were naturals. They took over the bedtime reading, softly giggling their way through some of Ronan's favorite books as he happily slurped down his milk.

Ya, it's a captivating book... and bedtime stories are always more engaging if you happen to be holding a miniature school bus

Ronan is lucky to have such wonderful, loving cousins, both from Texas and here in the Bay Area. It's a testament to their parents on just how lovely all of them are. We only hope if/when Uncle T & Auntie M and/or Auntie She decide to have kids, Ronan is able to show the same level of kindness he has received from his elder cousins.

Just about ready for bed