Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Work, but with a Friend

My new feel better friend - Ronan's Ramone

This morning was the end of my two month paternity leave, and, while I love where I work, I was not looking forward to being away from the kids. I told Ronan that I wish that I could stay but I couldn't, and gave him a kiss goodbye.

He responded, "Wait, Dad, take Ramone! He'll make you feel better." Ronan picked up his toy car Ramone and handed it to me. I was touched that Ronan, at some level, understood the situation.

Mom also gave me a wonderful picture book of the last eight months

Ramone's been with me (either in my pocket or on my desk), and Ronan was right - the little car does make me feel better.

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Holly Teetzel said...

Pretty sweet - Ramone and a picture book to easy your way back into the rat race. Yep, Ronan is a thoughtful little guy. Did he do the same for Rachel? Gotta give parents equal time :-)