Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nieve's First Tooth

Can you find the tooth?

We've been claiming that Nieve has been teething for a few months now, but finally her first tooth has cut through the gum. It's the lower front-left-incisor, and Nieve cannot keep from probing it with her tongue.

How about now?

Nieve's been sick for the past several weeks (five weeks, to be exact) so we just assumed the bug was behind her somewhat grumpy mood. We're guessing that teething is at least partially responsible for this prolonged bout of fussiness, or so we hope.


Holly Teetzel said...

She certainly looks happy to have her first tooth. Tell her to take good care of it, as it will be very valuable to the Tooth Fairy in about 5 years....$$$$ Hope she gets over her URI soon!

Melissa said...

poor sweetie! 5 weeks seems to be what todd's looking at too! she does look happy!

Erik said...

Oh no - sorry to hear about Todd! Hopefully he does not wake you up at night with inconsolable crying and demand to be rocked back to sleep.