Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nieve's Pincer Grasp

It's always fun to play with Cheerios

One of the skills we enjoy watching Nieve develop is her fine motor coordination. Being a determined little girl (and patient, at least when she's focused) her grasping ability has become refined in a short amount of time.

Competently manipulating a toy she found at the Children's Discovery Museum

Nieve's eager to eat solid food, so the Cheerios we put on her tray seem to be accelerating her ability to get small things to her mouth with ease. She earned the nickname 'il cobra' due to her fast, accurate 'striking' when she targets what she wants.

Studying the variations of Trader-O's - and having the dexterity to do it

Several pairs of glasses and headphones, keys and even a lollypop have been snatched by Nieve from startled, unsuspecting prey (the lollypop was Ronan's, and he was not amused).

"Woah! Where's my lollipop!"

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Holly Teetzel said...

That hat IS awesome - I've noticed it before. Did a friend/relative make it? Nice to know little cobra now has O's to play with &/or eat. She looks more curious than hungry at the moment. I'm sure Ronan is guarding his food!