Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ronan's Pipes, and Proper Calcium Absorption

The Ronanator

On Saturday we took advantage of an unusually warm mid-January morning to hike at our local Arastraderro Preserve. Walking up a long hill in the full sun made Ronan sweaty - he decided that he was no longer interested in wearing his shirt. He quickly disrobed, pulled a 'muscle man' pose for the camera, and ran back down the hill towards Mom and Nieve while screaming, "I'm getting my Vitamin D! I'm getting my Vitamin D!"


Holly Teetzel said...

Are we looking at the future Governator of Cawleeforniah? A muscleman pose and a nice tan are the primary qualifications :-) ha ha
Enjoy the warm weather!

Allison said...

You go Ro man!!!!!