Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Touch of Americana

Two happy kidos both looking (somewhat) towards the camera. A rare but prized occurrence.

As an icon of 20th century America, a close second to the apple pie/baseball cliche is the red Radio Flyer wagon. Mom's always wanted a red wagon to tote the kids around so Nieve 'gave' Ronan a plastic, ergonomically shaped (and made in China) 21st century Radio Flyer branded wagon when she was born last April.

"Common... let's get this bucket moving!"

With molded seats and restraining belts the wagon makes for comfortable, convenient, safe(ish) transit for two little ones around the neighborhood.

Nieve loves riding in the wagon. When we start to walk she'll firmly grab both rails, lean forward, and with a broad smile encourage whomever is pulling to keep going. Ronan only tolerates being a passenger for short spans of time or when he's just too fatigued to walk. We're lucky that when he tires of riding he's eager to do the pushing/pulling!

All bundled in a fuzzy bunting suit and ready to roll


Holly Teetzel said...

Love how the All American Radio Flyer is now made in China. And that it's ergonomically designed and safe-ish. A far cry from the original heavy metal easily tipped over model that we risked out lives in/on. Glad to know Evie likes her "ride" and that I don't have to fear for her life when Ronan takes her around sharp curves!

CalBadger said...

Great photos of the kids...I wish you guys would have smiled like that when you were that age!