Friday, January 14, 2011

What once was Nevo now is Evie

'Evie'? Perhaps 'Pork Chop', in honor of that hunk of meat she's shoving in her face, is more appropriate? And yes, one tooth seems to be all she needs to get through that pork chop.

I've always loved the name Evie and, to my delight, Ronan has started to call Nieve exactly that. We've been referring to her as 'Nevo' - cute nickname, but being a cross between 'Nemo' (a lost little clown fish) and 'Devo' (a kitschy punk band from the '80s) means that it's better retired sooner rather than later.

Not exactly supporting evidence for my claim above, but kind of fun nonetheless


Holly Teetzel said...

What a choice - Nevo, Pork Chop, Yucky.... I think Evie is a wonderful alternative - although I've thought of a lot of puns involving "finding Nevo" :-)

Melissa said...

i love this video. i think i've watched it five times.