Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nieve, Master of Misdirection

What Nieve does when she no longer wants to eat her food...

This past week we noticed Nieve's high-chair accumulated a greater-than-normal amount of food during mealtimes. Specifically we found cheerios, bits of broccoli, cubes of meat - even bits of her Mum-Mums, all on the right hand side of her chair.

Yesterday we discovered where this cache of food was coming from. Towards the end of a meal, if there were still bits of food on her tray, Nieve would take these bits and put them under her leg. When we admonished this behavior, she tried an illusionist approach; she would fake dropping the food on the floor (with the added flair of a flutter of fingers) and then quickly put it under leg. The first couple of times it worked. We played the unwitting parents, hunched over looking for the fallen food while she was able to add her her secret horde.


CalBadger said...

Go Nieve, GO! What Daddy doesn't know won't kill him!

Holly Teetzel said...

Oh my, she's learned the slight of hand quite early in life. Be careful when you walk through jewelry stores!