Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rock Clicking

Feeling the cool water fall down the side of the fountain

A few months ago Ronan and I installed a small, basalt columnar fountain in the backyard. Ronan's proud of the work we did (going to the garden store to get the materials, digging a large hole, wiring for electricity, setting up the pump, installing a 100 kg rock + 50 kgs of pebbles at the base, etc) and all of us enjoy the pleasant bubbling sound the fountain makes when it's on.

Everyone making sure the fountain is in working order

Ronan of course likes to get soaking wet while playing with the fountain - we usually put him in full rain gear & galoshes before we let him near it. Nieve too enjoys the flowing water but she spends most of her time sorting through and playing with the smooth pebbles.

Hold the stones just right, a few inches apart...

... snap them together and 'click!'

Earlier today she was doing exactly that when she started clicking two of the small pebbles together. The noise made her giggle and she kept at it for many laugh filled minutes. Of course it degraded into her inevitable game of, "Daddy, I'm going to put this in my mouth!" but at least we had some sanitary fun before it.

"Check it Dad... the rock is in my mouth... you've been pwned."


Holly Teetzel said...

How wonderful to find pure joy in sorting and clicking rocks together - Nieve is reminding me not to sweat the small stuff :-) And I LOVE your fountain, dad - you and Ronan did a killer job on that.

Todd said...

Wow, I can't believe how big Nieve is getting! We can't wait to come up and visit in May.