Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ronan the Barbarian or the Contrarian?

Yeah, that's very sweet. Nothing says, "I know nurturing" like queuing up the aquabouncer and reading the Big Book of Almost Everything. Ronan is better at parenting than we are.

Most people who know Ronan would classified hin as a "boy's boy" - physical, a bit impulsive, noisy, and loving of all things dirt and machinery. If he comes across a stick, he'll pick it up and start whacking things (anything) with it. If he's standing somewhere high, his first impulse is to spit. Peeing on trees (or other things) is a favorite activity. He's best known by his classmates as the one who walks around asking, "Do you want to roughhouse? Do you want to roughhouse? And you? Do you want to roughhouse?" To his credit, he asks.

Now *that* is some love

But the other night our little Visigoth noticed that Happy (his beloved plush toy) wasn't 'feeling well'. Against our expectations, Ronan put Happy in the Ocean Wonders bouncer (this thing is way stronger than Valium as a sedative... seriously) and started to read him a story. He stayed with it for many minutes, long enough for me to finish some work, find my camera, and take some snaps. Kind and gentle looked pretty cute on him... here's hoping we see more of it.

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Holly Teetzel said...

Behind every barbarian or contrarian there is a softie - and isn't it grand? Sooooo cute to see Ronan's "tender" side.