Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Beginnings of a Climber

Both Mom and I enjoy rock climbing from time to time (though we are are at best climbing novices) but we've been reticent to encourage climbing in Ronan or Nieve for fear of finding them dangling off the side of the stairs or wedged above the refrigerator. We've been lucky so far as Ronan does not climb much inside and thus things that need to stay out of the hands of little ones are still safe when tucked away above head level.

Starting out on the holds and planning the route

Getting the left foot on a hold to step up on

Powering up

Nice arm extension, checking again for footholds

... and finished!

Outside, though, Ronan seems to have honed his climbing skills at school and on the playground. The past weekend I watched him adeptly climb up a little wall designed for kids - I was impressed at his hand placements, his footwork, and his process of looking for his next move and then executing it. His weight distribution wasn't bad and he understood that stepping up with his legs was more important than trying to do pull-ups with his arms. Although I'm still not encouraging Ronan or Nieve to climb yet, I must say that the thought of future weekends on rock faces with the kids put a smile on my face!


Holly Teetzel said...

Better get that kid a climbing helmet - he's on his way! Refrigerator magnets don't provide much hand of foot purchase, so I think the top of your fridge is still a safe bet for hiding things from the littlest climber in the family :-)

CalBadger said...

It looks as though Uncle Todd will have a climbing buddy on his next ascent of Mt. Rainier!

Melissa said...

i think we have a relatively unused crash pad if you want it?!

Erik said...

Thanks Melissa... we may take you up on that in a couple of years! For now, litigation wary schools & parks make sure the ground is soft beneath any climbing apparatus.

That said, we've been thinking about turning the entire front face of our house into a climbing wall & top rope anchors and an overhang at the top (this will help it look less like a soviet era government bunker). If we do that, the crash pad will be necessary!