Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From Foodie to Food Snob

Fresh, local strawberries from the farmer's market - they're acceptable. If they are off season from TJ's, forget it.

Two nights ago, when Mom started to pour olive oil on Ronan's pasta, he objected, "No Mom! That's the cooking oil! I want the other oil."

Mom asked, "Which oil do you want?"

"The finishing oil."

Mind you, he was correct on both accounts. We use inexpensive olive oil (Trader Joe's) to cook with and a more tasty extra virgin olive oil (that Ronan picked out... he loved the label) for dipping and dressing. Mom made the mistake of trying to give him the cheap stuff on his food.

On the left, cooking oil. On the right, finishing oil. In our household you should never confuse the two.

We thought this was an isolated incident, but this evening he took offense to Mom trying to give him Kraft-style Parmesan cheese on his beef burgundy. In a sharp tone he scolded Mom, "I said I want Parmesan cheese."

"But this is Parmesan cheese."

"I want you to grate it. I don't want that Parmesan cheese."

"OK, hold on. That's a reasonable request. Here you go. Is that better?"

"Mmmhuh. Thank you."

At some point I'm sure his selectiveness is going to get annoying, "Uh! I cannot eat this macaroni & cheese - it has no prosciutto and the cheese is not Gruyere." but for now I'll humor his demands for haute cuisine.

Good Parmesan cheese on the left - $29.99/lbs. Not-so-good Parmesan cheese on the right - "free-ninety-nine" if you order a fancy pizza to go.


Todd said...

I guess I don't have to worry about Ronan stealing my miller high life!

Jimmy Wayne Ibiza said...

Nice - I'll happily have Ronan over for dinner. And in 20-25 years, he can cook for us.

Holly Teetzel said...

You'll have to get a second job to keep Ronan in artisanal foods! [I'd never even heard of finishing oil until I was over 40!]

Erik said...

Champagne of beers? Let's test it out. Kind of like Mikie from the Chex commercials.

J - Ronan does seem to be a little 'Remmy' - he's always sniffing out what is tasty and what is not. This morning he was asking, "where does vanilla come from?"

HT - no doubt on the need for a second job. The quality * quantity of food that Ronan consumes means grocery bills are non-trivial.

Holly Teetzel said...

Did you tell Ronan that vanilla comes from the magical land of the lemurs? Does he know Zoboo from PBS's Zoboomafoo?

Erik said...

I think I told Ronan it was a bean from an orchid plant (which I think was originally from Mexico), but lemurs makes for a much better story.