Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nieve the Mini Pouncing Machine

I think Nieve's a sweetie, to be sure, but it seems like her reputation as of late is not exactly sugary. Take, for example, her various nicknames. Mom was first to call Nieve a "pistol" due to her tendency to pop off unexpectadly when she did not get her way. Thanks to her fast hands and intense focus, she was later labeled, "il cobra" after repeated demonstrations of her willful striking skills.

Textbook execution - put the victim face down, pin upper body with one hand, sink chin into the kidney, pull leg up to help maintain control

More recently we've been calling Nieve "honey badger", a name which most people assume is supposed to be cutesy like "honey bear", until they look it up and realize that honey badgers are anything but cutesy. Like Nieve, honey badgers are ferocious, consume large amounts of food, and make crazy grunting sounds when provoked.

It's always important to gloat over the body of your victim...

The past few weeks our little honey badger has taken to attacking Mom, Ronan and me when we least expect it. She'll wait until we're lying down so access to our vital organs is assured. Nieve uses her speed to quickly crawl over and then dives straight for whatever soft spot is exposed, typically the midsection or neck area. She makes quick work of her prey and when it's over she rolls to her back and lies on her trophy, recovering her energy for a moment until she sets out after her next victim.

She's finished off Mom and now looking for who's next

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Holly Teetzel said...

Having read up on "honey badgers" I think you'd better go back to something more cuddly, like il cobra, since honey badgers are known to emasculate large male animals. Be careful!! Cute little girl you have, though :-)