Saturday, March 12, 2011


This evening Ronan was doing his regular pre-bath routine of silliness. Tonight it was kicking around a beach ball styled as a globe and basically flailing around without much regard for anyone or anything in his room.

Door edge - 1, Ronan's forehead - 0

It's usually not much of a problem as far as he's concerned, as Ronan does not mind falling, stepping on things, or bumping into walls. It turns out he *does* mind running forehead-first into the edge of an open door. The doors in his room are impressive - sturdy and large. They are also unyielding and unforgiving, especially when hit directly on-axis through the hinges. I did not see the impact but I heard it - a loud, ominous thump, a few moments of silence, and then Ronan's angry, pain-filled cry.

He looks cuddly and subdued with his Happy here, but put a ball in front of him and watch him go berzerk

The outcome is not nearly as bad it could have been - there was relatively little blood and Ronan never lost consciousness - but he grew a nice little hematoma that will most likely become a tough looking black eye tomorrow. I had hoped the pain would have taught Ronan a lesson, one about the consequences of being recklessness, but after bath he was right back at it, kicking the globe and crashing into things. Sigh. I've resigned to simply be exceedingly grateful for decent health insurance.


Allison said...

O boy welcome to having a boy! Poor baby:(

Holly Teetzel said...

Better the forehead than the mouth. Looks like we're going to have to keep a "face bashing" tally here - Ronan vs. his great grandmother Davidson! Meanwhile, have you thought of one of those whole face helmet?? Not too stylish, but functional. Kiss R's boo-boo for me :-)