Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ronan Hits the Hurdles

A future Paly Viking? Ronan's Norse linage (and resident zip code) puts him in good standing

Ronan took his first trip to Palo Alto High School (more often referred to as "Paly") the academic institution he'll likely attend if we find ourselves living in this area when he enters 9th grade. We only had a few minutes to explore the campus, so Ronan wanted to spend that time at the track/football field (the pool was closed).

Inspecting an entire stack of hurdles

What seemed to captivate him most were the hurdles scattered about the track and infield. He couldn't fully grasp that people actually jumped over the hurdles while running. After exploring them a bit he discovered that you could push them down and then get over without much fuss... he thought this was fun.

Getting up after walking through the hurdle behind him

Ronan also liked to run along with some people that were doing sprint workouts on the track... to his credit he was competitive with a few of them (although the 'competition' was not what you'd call elite-level athletes). Who knows? Maybe in a few years Ronan will enjoy racing hurdles for Paly, most likely smiling wildly while plowing through them, rather than gracefully striding over them.


Holly Teetzel said...

Wonder if he'll still carry a little matchbox car when he runs hurdles for Paly? I say Go for it, Ro!

Todd said...

Wow, Ronan is growing up so fast!

What's his 40 time? He's got to get it under a 4.4 to compete!

Erik said...

Holly - nice spot on the matchbox car. To Ronan's credit, it is a Ferrari.

Todd - good question. I'll put a stopwatch on him next time we hit the track. He's probably better suited to the 400m event... he needs some time to reach his max speed.

Holly Teetzel said...

Well a high performance car should serve him well when running very fast :-)