Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Girl - Celebrating One Year

"I declare myself to be one!" (Note: this is why little Nieve is known as 'top knot' or 'fountain head'... left unconstrained her hair goes nuts)

Nieve is now a year old and Mom and I are still trying to recall where that year has gone. Nieve celebrated her big day with Ronan on Saturday with a combined big party in our backyard. Nieve had fun playing the socialite, showing off her cute little dress and flashing her gregarious smile whenever someone would look her way.

An apropos hair clip (thanks Auntie Ala!) and orange ballon make for a festive birthday

It's funny how different Nieve and Ronan were during their first year. First, Nieve's hair is a thing all of it's own. Certainly worth being the theme of many past and future blog posts. She is also much shorter than Ronan was at her age - two inches to be exact. She now stands at 29.75" tall (just about average for a one-year-old girl). She has more (and imposing) teeth, she has amazing finger dexterity, and she's far less reckless with her body. She's also weathered four times the number of sick days Ronan had during his first year, though we hope that this means a less-sickly year two.

Our pretty girl being the social butterfly at her party... the pretty dress gave her confidence.

Nieve has been a better sleeper so far (especially when not ill) and doesn't seem to mind car rides. She is crazy limber and adept and directing people to do her bidding. Her toes are stinkier. Both Nieve and Ronan were good eaters at the age of one though Nieve is insistant that she gets the food she wants rather than what's just in front of her. Her hands-down favorite food is fresh raspberries.

Nieve's favorite part of her whipped cream cake? The raspberries. She loves her raspberries.

A little whipped cream and some fresh raspberries make for a happy girl

There are differences between our kids that seem to fall along stereotypical gender lines - Nieve loves dresses & shoes (I'm not kidding) while Ronan is crazy about heavy machinery. Nieve is now attached to a doll (a recent birthday present) while Ronan is infatuated by lug nuts. Nieve has superior grooming habits (brushing hair/teeth, bathing) and she's carful with what she does and how she does it. Nieve goes crazy for flowers - she'll sit and pick them, or force you to stop walking to enjoy them, while Ronan much prefers jumping on rebar at construction sites. Both kids like pink though Ronan is starting to favor the color green.

Weeds are no fun for us but great fun for Nieve

We shall see what is in store for year two, but for now we're delighted to have a healthy little one bringing even more love into our home. Happy birthday, my Principessa!

A portrait during one of our cherry blossom walks... Nieve always wants to hold a flower during the stroll


Holly Teetzel said...

Both kids are loves, that's for sure. And the Big B'day Party was a ball for one and all. Loved being there to help celebrate!

Erik said...

And a big thank you for making the trip up to celebrate!