Monday, April 4, 2011

This is for Mom (and Grammy, and Bhavesh Kaka, and...)

This smile makes me almost a Giants fan. Almost.

Mom's most beloved university is U.C. Davis (she is an esteemed alum) and her hands-down favorite sports team is the S.F. Giants. In the spirit of hometown bragging rights Mom and I made a bet near the end of last baseball season - the N.L. West club, either the Padres or the Giants, that had the better record would be the logo that adorns Ronan's first baseball hat.

In October the San Francisco Giants became World Champs so that means Ronan now has a fancy black-and-orange baseball hat (which he loves to wear). I'm sure that this will make many of our friends and family happy, given how Giants-crazy people have gone here. Hopefully one of you can take him to a ball game this year so he can experience, first hand, just how silly being a Giants fan really is.

Yeah, that's what Dad thinks of the Giants as well


CalBadger said...

Hey stop bickering...compromise on the Tigers!

Holly Teetzel said...

If the Giants play the Pads down here this summer, y'all will have to come down here and take in the game at Petco Stadium. Then we'll see "who's on first!"

Erik said...

Tigers? You mean LSU, Clemson, or Princeton? :-)

Petco sounds like fun, but if Ronan's in that area he would probably rather just ride around on the trolley instead of watching a baseball game. Can't say I blame him.

Bhavesh said...

You forgot to mention World Champion San Francisco Giants!!! :) I'm sure I got some Giants tickets, I would love to take you and Ronan to see the Champs. I'll do my best to make him a die-hard Giants fan :)

Erik said...

If I have to refer to the Giants as "Champs" I'm not so sure I'll take you up on your generous offer.

As for Ronan, I'm afraid you're going to have to build his knowledge of and love for both baseball and basketball. I won't be of much help, though I should have soccer and many forms of racing covered.