Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Happy Mother's Day

Where do all of those smiles on Nieve's face come from? Mom, that's where.

There is no amount of recognition nor words of appreciation that could adequately compensate mothers for all that they do for their children. Everytime I see Nieve flap her arms at the sight of Mom, or watch the broad smile race across Ronan's face when he catches the sound of Mom's voice, I am reminded just how lucky my children are to have her as their mother.

And I'm comforted knowing that in billions of other households all over the world similar stories are taking place. It is the power and grace of the mother; life giver, nurturer, councilor. So, to all Moms - you quite simply amaze us. Thank you, we love you.


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Holly Teetzel said...

Well said, my son. And smiles like Nieve's make a mother's day complete. Darling photo!